sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Short dialogue between two caterpillars

C1: That's mine!
C2: No, it's mine!
C1: I need it more than you do.
C2: How do you know that?
C1: Just look at me.
C2: I just see a regular caterpillar.
C1: Can't you see I haven't eaten in days?
C2: Oh, poor thing. That's right. You're almos disappearing.
C1: Don't make fun of me.
C2: I wouldn't dare do that, Mr. Dying Caterpillar.
C1: I am as alive as you are.
C2: Oh really? I don't think I can see you anymore.
C1: I am bigger and stronger and more intelligent and prettier than you are.
C2: Exactly! That's why I get the cabbage leaf...

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